After graduating from design school, I travelled to Europe where I landed my first design job as an assistant to a Perfume designer. From there I travelled Europe connecting to my family roots and creating my foundation as a designer working for several large companies, one being a large department store designing for womans fashion. Here I started to develop my illustrtion style and where I finally found an outlet for my feminine style within the corporate world.


TASTE : Cooking has always been a relaxing creative outlet for me. After a devasting earthquake back in my home town, distrupting every part of my life, I found myself putting my hands into flour and water and creating pasta religiously. I didn't know it at the time, but it led me back to Europe to visit my family where I discovered a line of restaurenturs, and creatives within my own family. I felt at home there and straightway I put on my dusty well worn travellers shoes and set about following my nose through Italy. It was here where I found my senses again. All the things I loved happened to be here in concentrated amounts. Within the small and remote towns in Italy I connected with old traditions, beauty, recipes and memories of my Vienesse grandmother and learning from her in her kitchen when I was a child..


SMELL & SIGHT : The smell of gardinia , hybiscus and the sea air on the Amalfi coast ignited my love of perfume, and of course Art and the beautiful design and packaging that was always around me where ever I went. From beautifully wrapped sweets to local pasta packaging to high renaissance Art and beauty, all of which followed me wherever I went.

Italy continues to be home to me, a place of pilgrimage and homeage while I sit by my kitchen window, drawing, cooking and gathering scents from my garden to bottle up memories of a land far away.

'I'm going to make everything around me more beautiful... that will be my life!' Elise de Wolfe.