Bridget's Pasta....

Over the past 10 years I have been making handmade pasta, learning from my home kitchen,
working with chefs and other well learned and experienced foodies.
On my mothers side of the family whom mostly live in Europe are a long line of restauranteurs and coffee house owners, so when I'm in Europe I'm right in the heart of experiencing what I love most.

On my last trip to Italy I spent time learning from
an Italian chef some of the secrets of making pasta.
Pasta has long been a passion of mine, along with serving
people the best food made with love, celebrating life,
and bringing the finest ingredients and growers together. 

Presently I am running childrens Pasta classes at
The Riverside Kitchen in Christchurch.
Please contact Riverside Kitchen to book.

Direct orders are available as well as
'in home catering' Pasta Classes for groups and
special occasions and Italian styled events.
For further information phone : 021 485 829​