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A trip to Europe

Recently I enjoyed an amazing 3 months in Europe, visiting family in the beautiful heart of Vienna. It was a wonderful time of reconnecting with my roots, time and stories with family and re engaging with my love of art and beauty from times of old.

My journey turned into a love affair of food, art and family. I would spend hours in a gallery....departing starving, I would sit in the beauty of a cafe and eat decadent cake! It was akin to eating a piece of art! So they went hand in hand! The cakes in Vienna are just that, masterpieces of beauty transporting you to the divine or perhaps that was the sugar kick I was receiving!

I was often moved to tears by the art work hung in the many galleries I visited from masters before us. It wasn't just their artwork that moved me but mainly their stories that were often imbedded in the pieces I saw. Not seen as a master at the time, these artists were human beings set on wanting to express what they felt inside of themselves, breaking away from the past and creating a new path, one much freer than the one before. What left a lasting impression on me most was the determination to express a new way. These artists were courageous and were breaking from an old paradigm faught with resistance and isolation typical when change is afoot. It was so inspiring to me and I left these galleries feeling so humbled by their tremendous passion and resolve, and I couldn't help feel gratitude for the barriers they conquered and the permission they gave the path of the artist to follow after them. If it wasn't for Egon schielle, the nude female may still be cloaked in pompous customs, and the erotic poises he drew would not have given light to sensuality and sexual desire. You could feel that beauty was the quest and its something a true artist is always trying to seek... a beautiful path but not always easy. At home in New Zealand it's our delicate nature that inspires me but I have to say a part of myself felt so at home amongst these artists strivings and journeys that they felt like family and way showers in my life... telling me to keep going and that it's worth it even if you can't make sense of it right yet : )

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